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We may be a young industry but people have been giving inspirational talks and information about lighting for decades. The world is united in delivering quality of lighting for people and places. Delve into the archives and see what has inspired others how they have triumphed over adversity. One of our first supporters is Lenni Schwendinger, hailing from Hells Kitchen, NYC she has made it her life’s work to use light as part of the built environment to empower inhabitants enabling them embrace where they live and work to create thriving night time public spaces.

Interview with SpectraScape artist Leni Schwendinger Part 1

Artist Leni Schwendinger discusses her new work, SpectraScape, at the new Main Street Garden Park located at 1902 Main Street in downtown Dallas. SpectraScape is a site-specific artwork comprised of bands of light that scroll across the green glass study shelters at Main Street Garden Park. SpectraScape refers to the garden through the use of four seasonal color palettes derived from the seasonal park plantings—rust and gold for fall, pink, yellow and green for summer, green, blue, and white for winter and green and yellow for spring. Each season is proclaimed through rhythmic sequences of colors and tones that race across the tops of the study shelters.

Interview with SpectraScape artist Leni Schwendinger Part 2