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  • Mary Rushton-Beales

Bio :
I am based in West London, lucky enough to work remotely on overseas projects and in person on local projects.
What's your biggest accomplishment? :
Being asked to teach lighting design at degree level in 1989 and continuing to do so part time until today. This achievement goes hand in hand with giving many talented young designers their first jobs in the 30 years since then.
What advice would i give others looking for a job in lighting design? :
Go and visit any projects (Indoor, outdoor, commercial, residential) near to you that have been designed by professional lighting designers. Make a visual diary of techniques you like/dislike. Experiment with lighting in your own home. Document what you have tried, why you tried it and the results. Be ready to discuss your observations with potential employers.
Be useful; never stop learning supporting skills and know where to look for help. Be inspired; research projects you admire and understand their design process from concept to completion.
List 4 Hobbies :
Walking/rambling/bird watching
Learning about light and wellbeing
Converting/repurposing decorative lights
My five top skills in order :
#1 Being cooperative with all design and construction team members and so encouraging them to help not hinder each other
#2 Lighting for health and well being
#3 Biophilic lighting
#4 Sourcing decorative lights for residential and commercial
#5 Technical analysis