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Bio :
Lighting designer with a background in Fine Arts with over 9 years experience. It can bring a fresh approach to your projects, complementing techniques with aesthetics. I believe in the idea of Art can actively participate and immerse in various fields. I have worked in multidisciplinary groups building the idea that Art is a collective construction that can positively impact people and space. The same as the light can affect our social behaviour silently. Working inside of architectural studios from retails to exterior lighting, indented projects, the cultural institutions, and artistic collectives. These projects allowed me to build varied interdisciplinary communication skills set, and I feel comfortable working with clients, customers, or engineers.
What's your biggest accomplishment? :
have developed solid collaborative projects where I have developed skills like project management on lighting platforms for high scales. In 2017, I started a collective project called Babel Media Art. Over three (3) years, we worked on city interventions in Bogota's highest skyscraper facade (Colombia). We switched the lighting system's program to showcase video-art projections as a lighting and art platform. From the beginning of this project, I served as both a manager and developer of each video installation. The premise was integrating the lighting system wit the urban landscape. The experience taught me to make strategic planning bases on effective communication between the team, the clients, the community, and the artists because of the working facts of leading a project from another city remotely.
What advice would i give others looking for a job in lighting design? :
to have strong passion for the goals the want to achieve in their future
List 4 Hobbies :
Though I was born in a coffee country, I am a tea lover. I love dancing as much as I love long walks and swimming.
My five top skills in order :
Technical Skills: Hand Sketching, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Lightroom, DIALux Evo, Premier Pro, Indesign.
Soft Skills: Research analysis, empathy, Problem-solving, Adaptability.