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Bio :
I am currently in London, running MS Lighting Design with a wonderful team behind me.
What's your biggest accomplishment? :
Writing a book on residential lighting design and having it published was a long-held dream. I wanted to create primer for lighting in the home and dig into the creative and technical problems it can pose, and I was lucky enough to have this opportunity.
What advice would i give others looking for a job in lighting design? :
Explore the different types of lighting design (residential, public realm, retail, and so on) and see if you are attracted to any of those, then look for lighting design companies who work in those sectors.
Ensure your technical skills are up to date. If you are just starting out those employers are not looking for someone who can do the creative side (they do that already) but someone who can support with schedules, drawings, etc.
Finally, attention to detail is a key skill for lighting designers. We design schemes at the beginning of a project, and if there is a mistake it will not be spotted until it is much too late. Make sure you follow instructions in the application process and sort spelling mistakes, since these will be the first way, practices cut down the number of applicants for a job.
List 4 Hobbies :
Visiting Galleries and Museum
Discovering and cooking new recipes
My five top skills in order :
#1 Explaining complex lighting schemes in a way that clients understand
#2 Bringing stakeholders together to tackle problems
#3 Technical Wiring Schematics
#4 Networking
#5 Sketching